Ready To Become A Better Hockey Player?

Not getting Power Play Time? Coach doesn't put you out with the game on the line? Do you want to be a Team Captain? Hockey has a sharp learning curve, it's hard to know where to start. How can you become a contributing player on your team?

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To earn the trust of your coach and intern ice time you have to develop your four main pillars.

  • Skills: A player’s skill set. Skating, Passing, Shooting, you can develop most of those off ice.
  • Athleticism: You don't have to be a great athlete to be a great hockey player, but if you improve as an athlete you'll improve as a hockey player.
  • Intangibles: Those extra little things, this is what separates the good from the great. Leadership, Self Confidence, Visualization
  • Knowledge: Is the player a robot or does he understand the why? Does he know how to attack and defend a 1 on 1?

Goalies have their own skill set

  • Goaltending: The most important player on the team, is to often just a target at the end of drill.

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Everything you will need to get started developing as a hockey player.

This Free bundle that will get you started on developing your game. We cover everything from Skill Development, Athletic Improvement, Winning Intangibles and Game Knowledge.

This HOCKEY 101 course comes with:

  1. Are you a Complete Hockey Player? - A great course to cover everything a hockey player needs to succeed
  2. Evaluating a Hockey Player - Players often only judge on goals and assists, there is more!
    1. You get access to our 50 point player evaluation! So you can take a good look at your game!
  3. Hockey Basics - Beginners or Veterans can brush up on everything from Penalties to Hockey Lingo
  4. Hockey Team Code - A team code for your hockey team.

We also have a fun lesson if if you are Old School or a Poser!

ADDED BONUS! Special offer for our Motivation Course! So you can start on your own custom path

"Hockey 101 made me realize there is more to hockey than I thought. I recommended it to all my friends!"

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"Using the Leadership lesson I've been voted Team Captain this year! I use the leadership checklist every day before and after practice. Highly Recommended!"

- Mark

"I have seen so much improved with my son, just watching him take ownership and do the dryland drills. It's awesome."

- Bobby